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Cleopatra's Bath




A Travel Beyond the Pyramids representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo at 06:00 AM, then cross the western desert to Al Alamein, where we will visit the World War II cemeteries, battle sites and museums dedicated to the thousands of soldiers killed from many countries including England, Germany, Italy, Greece and Australia. We will then drive on to Marsa Matrouh where Rommel, the German Tank Commander, made his base in 1942. While in Marsa Matrouh, we will have the opportunity to visit the town's beautiful bay on the Meditteranean Coast.


The tour will then journey on to Siwa and check-in to your hotel.

Lunch and dinner are included.


Cairo, Al Alamein and Siwa


After breakfast, enjoy a visit to Shali, the Old City of Siwa. One of the highlights is sure to be the Alexander Temple at Aghurmi Village which is dedicated to the God Amon. We will also visit the Amun Ra Temple at Um Ubeyda. Then, the tour will journey on to visit Cleopatra's Pool, (also known as Cleopatra’s Bath or Spring of the Sun) a large, circular stone pool filled with spring-fed, crystal-clear, bubbly water. Ironically, Cleopatra probably never bathed here. Our adventures in Siwa will end at the Siwa House Museum, which houses a collection of objects and artifacts that represent the unique culture of the isolated Siwan people. End the day completely by taking in a spectacularly colorful sunset at Fatnas Island.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.


Shali, Aghurmi Village, Um Ubeyda and Siwa


Day Three begins in the Siwa Desert with a visit to the ancient Maraki Village. The tour will make a pilgrimage across the desert to the archaeological site of the first human footprint above the mountain. We will continue between the dunes in our journey through time as we arrive at the fossils area and see the rocky coral reefs which date to the Cambrian era. Nestled among the dunes is the shimmering Shiata Lake*, a refuge for flamingos, jackals and sleek gazelles. You are welcome to enjoy the cool waters with a quick swim, or simply sit and enjoy the peace of nature. Our restful day continues onto Bir Wahid, a sulfurous hot spring on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. After all this relaxation, we will be ready to retire back to the hotel for a restful night's sleep.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

* Kindly Note that Shiata Lake is closed


Siwa Desert, Maraki Village and Bir Wahid


Day Four's activities begin with a visit to the many tombs of Siwa. First, we journey to the tombs inside Gabal El Maouta, the Mountain of the Dead. This mountain is so named because of the numerous burial sites which cover every inch of its base and are situated on its terraces and on all sides of the conical part. The tomb of Si-Amun is considered to be one of the most beautiful tombs in the Western Desert, although it was ransacked by soldiers after its discovery. Another one of the numerous tombs is that of the Crocodile, so named because of the paintings found within the structure. Then we travel onward to Gebel Dekrour, or Dakrour Mountain. This mountain is renowned for its hot sands, long rumoured to have almost-magical healing properties and for being a major source for the red pigment used in Siwan pottery. After our adventures in the sands, our trip returns to civilization in the form of Abu Sherouf, one of the Siwan Village. Here we will take in the Bedouin lifestyle and experience first-hand its many charms.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.


Siwa, Western Desert and Siwan Village


Our Siwan excursion has come to an end. It is now time to return to the bustling life of Cairo city. Dress comfortably for your long journey.

Breakfast is included.


Siwa to Cairo
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